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Mai Xiong

I am a Northern California photographer, artist and student. My work includes:

  • Creative Portraiture

  • Lifestyle Photography

  • Fashion Photography

  • Nature Photography & Projects

  • Landscape Photography

  • Adventist Health & Education Photography/Projects

  • Events

Photography For Thought - Mai Xiong

Photography has the power to freeze moments in time, creating a visual record that allows individuals to interpret and derive meaning in diverse ways. The stillness of an image or a specific moment captured can evoke a sense of isolation, as it isolates that particular slice of reality from the continuous flow of time.

The interpretive nature of photography is fascinating; it opens the door to a multitude of perspectives. Each viewer brings their unique background, experiences, and emotions to the interpretation of a photograph. What may be evident to one person might be entirely different for another. This diversity of interpretation adds layers of richness to the medium.

The selective nature of photography, capturing only a fraction of the broader context, encourages viewers to fill in the gaps with their own imaginations and assumptions. This invites a level of engagement and exploration, as individuals deduce, speculate, and imagine the stories or emotions behind the captured moment.

photographs act as visual invitations to explore the world beyond the surface, encouraging viewers to question, empathize, and connect with the subject matter. It's a medium that sparks curiosity and prompts a deeper understanding of the complexities within the frame and, by extension, the world it represents. 

Photography highlights dynamic and thought-provoking forms of visual storytelling.


Hmong Seventh Day Adventist Church Annual Christmas Play 2022

 Birth of Jesus

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus 

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