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Dear Friends,


In the serene embrace of nature, I find myself enveloped in tranquility, a dream-like state where calmness reigns, and my senses are heightened. I am attuned to the texture of soil, the delicate sway of foliage, the vibrant hues of flowers, the soothing, babbling sound of water flowing and the tiny, bustling world of insects that is right in front of me. Dust particles float in the air, intertwined in the play of sunlight filtering through the leaves. The swift, gentle movement of deer's feet, accompanied by a symphony of chirping and whistling, fills my heart, creating a melody that appears to slow time itself.


In this timeless moment, I am fully connected with the natural world, renewing my love for biodiversity.  It's a joy that I am bursting to share and cannot wait for you to go out and develop your own appreciation for the wonders that nature offers.


I invite you to explore the Butte College Nature Trail and Wildlife Refuge. May each visit reveal new beauty and may the wonders of nature's life profoundly touch your heart, just as it has touched mine.

Note: All photographs are taken at the Butte College Nature Trail and Wild Life Refuge between June 2023  and November December 2023

~Mai Xiong



Anew Appreciation
Butte College Wildlife & Nature Trail

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